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Energy-saving elevator conference was held in Nanxun

According to the Fifth China International Huzhou • Shanghai equipment manufacturing industry in 2010 matchmaking cum Lake in Huzhou City, advanced manufacturing activities of the central enterprises to discuss cooperation docking arrangements for the deployment, "Shanghai Industrial Zone, Huzhou City Council - energy efficiency and promote high-lift industrial park Consultation will end, "September 16 was held in Nanxun. Zhou Jie, Vice Mayor attended the meeting.

Promotion consulting guests gathered at the provincial committee through a letter, the Shanghai Commission by letter, the Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations, Shanghai Elevator Association, the Association and the motor industry experts, business representatives and outside of the elevator more than 80 advanced copolymer Nanxun. Through the promotion and consulting activities, the city relied on local characteristics and advantages of the elevator industry development cooperation based on collective wisdom, to jointly plan, to further clarify thinking, focus, improve planning and promoting the professional features to speed up the construction of the park, to build energy-saving innovative industrial clusters, building National Elevator Industry new heights, the elevator industry to improve the level and product competitiveness, regional cooperation to achieve win-win situation.