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Annual power consumption of European Union reaches 1.8 billion

Energy consumption in buildings is often a great lift, but little by little attention. Germany, 23 to the latest survey data show that the annual EU-27 consumption actually lift up to 18 billion kWh, while the rational use of energy-saving measures make the elevator power consumption in half.

Germanys Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation 23 reported that a total EU-27 about 4.8 million elevators, can be divided into residential, industrial and office uses three kinds of elevators, the elevators total of 18 billion kilowatt hours of year in power consumption with the German railway quite.

The researchers point out that when the elevator is waiting for striking power consumption, such as residential and industrial uses when the elevator in the wait state 70% of the total energy consumption, even if the higher frequency of use also accounted for 40% of the office building elevator.