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Humidity standard is involved in the new elevator standard which comes into effect on March 1

From March 1, the new "elevator technology conditions" force, which provides elevator locations can not be too moist, if possible produce condensation on the electrical equipment, measures should be taken dehumidification; the same time, carve the elevator automatic doors switch gate time should not exceed 3.2 seconds.

Under the new standards, when the elevator locations when the maximum temperature is 40 ℃, relative humidity must not exceed 50%, at lower temperatures may have higher relative humidity; the wettest month of the monthly mean minimum temperature does not exceed +25 ℃ the monthly mean maximum relative humidity of less than 90%.

This humidity standards, every year there back to the south of Guangzhou, the humid days of the elevator will stop opening? Reporters learned from the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, the current elevator Jie moisture measures, such as: in the elevator machine room through the open dehumidifiers, air conditioning and high-powered fans to reduce room humidity; of the shaft within the electrical circuit is mainly through the strengthening of the maintenance , an artificial way to clean up the water around electrical wiring, and so on.