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Escalators installation of Shanghai EXPO sites will finish at end of March

January 11, the construction of Shanghai World Expo will be held in the snow oath-taking rally team, committed to race against time to sprint, at the end of March to ensure full completion of the Expo site construction tasks for the World Expo trial operation in mid-April to lay a solid foundation.

Currently, the World Expo site construction has been completed for 90% of all construction tasks, a four-axis Hall permanent buildings, the China Pavilion, Theme Pavilion has entered a stage of the exhibit, the Expo Center has been completed, the World Expo Performing Arts Center and the ongoing internal decoration mechanical and electrical installation. Temporary venues, the 42 foreign countries have been self-built museum under construction, of which 32 have entered the renovation and completion of structural construction phase of the exhibit, Hall 42 and 11 leases had been completed the Joint Center, with exhibitors to exhibit conditions of delivery . Municipal support, the Pudong and Puxi road has been basically achieved through comprehensive, Expo Park, Bailianjing Park, Bay Beach Park has been basically completed, the park facilities such as water and electricity in accordance with established plan forward.